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1st day of 3 days consecutive hartal. 
within this 1 week, over 100 ppl have died because of all the riots and collision.

As long as you stay in Gulshan or Banani, you will never know what is actually happening, but once you turn on TV, there is a gunshot, riots, and fire.
Plenty of wonders and suffering from the war 4o years back.
Where is this country going?

Since hartal is declared, I've got to stay in Gulshan.
Met Yohei , and Ai at pizza hut.worked in GJ for 2 hours, Thai food at @ corner.

Things learnt

I really should step inside. Drag your feet into something you are kind of afraid of.
This pulls you together.

Foreign words, (Latins in England, English in JPN) used in Slogans is a typical Linguistic evidence for divergence.

English language prevails the world and regarded as the 1st choice in the international environment. Americans should thank English ppl for rose as a superpower in the time of industrial revolution. they just came after that.
It hugely depends on the fact that Americans are the 2nd consecutive country to use English as the biggest superpower in the world.

and I now want to go to the trip to thailand

Meegin new ppl, and knowing new thing makes pleasant wind in the brain, putting your view point somewhat different from the original point.


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