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Over 50days passed already.
Load of things happend to me within this 50 days. Great things and Bad things.
I feel like this year is kind of a rough one. Started with the greatest, and now at bottom of the bay of Bengal.
Anyways, I have to manage it.
What I want, and what I think is the criterion.
Phew! I feel like I live my life!

One guest from japan accompanied by.
Gazipur, Little Italy, Ashulia, Mirpur. 
Met great MD in one of the finest leather factory.
Impressed by his worker oriented management. 25% increment in a year for all the staff!
Profit not for the managers, for the workers. Thats the ideal, you ppl!
Dinner with OTK san, small fun, and ordinary cafe at GJ from 10 to 11:30.

5 learnt things

I like meeting new ppl (but not Japanese ppl I guess)

I am actually pretty good at meeting ppl.( Could be only Bangladeshis?)

Fear is a strong drive to motivate someone or to be motivated by.

This "special person environment" which means that I can be a super star if I speak Bangla where ppl dont expect a Japanese guy to speak their mother tongue, is not really good for me. 
Because their evaluation rises much higher than what actually I am. ouch!

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