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The year 2013 comes with the full package.
I am already more than full.

Is this something that I could handle or not?

I definitely feel that this year is the key to my life.


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Back home at 5pm
Aichan called me and went to the cafe, stayed there until 9.

Finally got out of the cafe after that, and it started then, very much unexpectedly..

Walk to home 2 min. drop off from the elevator. 
Door locked, Unlocked with the key.
Opened the door and saw it all dark without the lighted 2 candle dimming in the dard.

"what the hell is.."

At the moment,
suddenly I was hit by the familier song with my friends coming out from the dark along with the song.

Happy birthday to you♪

That was completely a Surprise party, and with that I was stunned and couldn't close my mouth for a while.

about 20 of my friends came over finally, and celebrate my b-day.

I seem a happy guy, dont I?

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The very last day of my 31-year- old turned to be the very best day in my 31st year.

Did you know this was going to happen?


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1st of the 365 pages.
Got up at 7am, worked as it is.
No holiday here in Bangladesh.

 But I have a good hope with you Mr. 2013.

Since last December was awesomest in the last year.
I am feeling good vibes to you.

 Lots of works to do, load of new ppl to meet, and places that I will travel to.

 I think I will like you!