No More Nihongo Sense

So, I quit being a Japanese Language teacher.
Well, many teachers, especially male teachers quit this job very frequently, and now I am one of them.

There are plenty of reasons why I quit this job.
but, now I am gonna just write down main 3 reasons

1 Domestic Job

"Wow! You work overseas!? You are very international person!!"

Well, as a matter of fact, Japanese teaching is not that international.
Yes, We do live overseas, teach language to international students. But you know what?
It is Japanese Language and Japanese Culture we are teaching.
That means Japanese teachers cannot go beyond the language, and cultural peripheral. Because you want students to copy knowledge and culture from you. So, the teacher has to be A Japanese! stand in front of the class as a national representative!
It is more like a job that calling ppl outside of Japan to come toward Japanese Direction.
So, we have to STAY in Japanese area.

I am Japanese, but I didn't like that. haha

2 Minimum Salary

Oh, boy.
How pity your bank account balance is.
Sure, market decides the values.
I know, education is not for money...

But if you wanna make living as a JPNS teacher, you've gotta work in Japanese Universities.
Unfortunately I don't like academia world, writing thesis for ten or twenty years.
no no no
I am not smart enough to do that? I can say, that's very much true!
But the biggest reason is that, I couldn't be enthusiastic about this.


3 You don't need it

Yup, because you don't need it much, especially outside of Japan!
Inside of Japan, there will be a huge needs for JPNS education for the coming immigrants, and Intl/ students.

But outside.. English reign the world.
Students learning English everywhere, and younger generation speaks English much better than Japanese ppl.
Do you know the reason why ppl study Japanese? Manga? Anime? Pokemon?
Nop, in Asia, its the economical reasons. If you could speak JPNS, you would get a better job in Jpns company. thats the main reason. But this is because Japanese elder businessmen don't speak English. they really suck at it.
1 language for Japanese, 3 language for ppl in Asian developing country?
Do you know how long it takes to learn proper Japanese which is usable in Japanese company?  takes at least 4 years in Uni (in many countries, very much not enough though)
So students (who can speak English) who don't  have much time get a job in international companies which doesn't require any Japanese skills.
Sure, I would do that too, Unless I was a Anime Otaku or Computer geek.

I don't say that it is not important to teach Japanese.
I think it will be good to use Japanese education for cultural exchange in kinder gardens or primary schools outside of Japan.
But you dont need it in mass level.

so I just lost my interest and motivation in this.

Thank you so much and

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